Fluid Catalytic Cracking


KPE resources include highly experienced FCC process and mechanical professionals to assist our customers with the identification and correction of impediments to efficient and reliable FCC unit operations. The available expertise at KPE apply to the FCC reactor and regenerator sections as well as the product recovery and flue gas systems.

The know-how evolves through continual pursuit of improvements in design methods, materials and equipment supply. KPE maintains relationships with key manufacturers of the related FCC equipment components including refractory lined reactor and regenerator vessels, cyclones, fractionators and trays, large refractory lined transfer lines, catalyst valves, expansion joints and internal components.

Success for our customers comes when process, mechanical design and fabrication considerations are synchronized for the benefit of FCC unit construction, operation and maintenance. Metal and refractory provide the platform, while heat and catalyst drive the process. At KPE, it’s a team effort.

While the FCC process is very flexible, changes in feed quality or desired product yield provide opportunities for optimizing the operation and design of the equipment. KPE stands ready to assist customers with optimizing the operation as well as with identification of cost effective unit modifications and then execution of associated projects.