Our Values

With decades of collaborative experience, the world-class engineers and designers at KPE strive to deliver nothing short of excellence.

We accomplish this through a set of uncompromising values:

  • Safety: We have a zero-tolerance safety policy, meaning we stop at nothing to ensure the highest levels of safety at every jobsite. Our injury-free record is a result of on-site training, industry workplace training, and thorough screenings of each employee who steps through our doors.
  • Respect: We listen to our clients and make sure that we understand them to deliver results that both parties are proud of.
  • Excellence: We assemble top-tier, world-class engineers and designers to deliver maximum efficiency and innovative project design.
  • Integrity: Each interaction with our clients is guided by honesty and openness as we strive to deliver the high-quality, cost-effective service that our partners expect.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: We are always searching for new and innovative solutions to better serve our customers.
  • Commitment: We have a unique culture structured around leveraging expertise and experience to deliver value-added solutions on every project.