Our History

A Continuing Tradition of Quality

The genesis of KP Engineering dates back to February 2004 in Tyler, Texas. Several former employees of Howe-Baker Engineers took their fixed price contracting model, technical expertise and ‘can-do’ spirit and began providing EPC services to the independent refining market.

The portfolio of holdings increased in 2012 with the acquisition of a pipeline right-of-way company, and again in 2013 with the formation of a subsidiary called KP Midstream, formed specifically for midstream applications. That same year, KPE’s job total hit the century mark. KPE’s footprint increased again in 2015 with the addition of new corporate offices in Tyler, as well as a new office in Houston. The Houston office allowed KPE to provide enhanced sales, project development and execution support to Gulf Coast clients.

In 2015 and 2016, KPE sold its pipeline business and integrated its KP Midstream subsidiary into KP Engineering. Further diversifications, including petrochemical and infrastructure EPC work, will all be done under the KPE banner. In June of 2016, KPE acquired McDaniel Process Engineering Consultants, Inc. (“MPEC”) to enhance KPE’s technical expertise in refining, midstream and petrochemical processes, particularly fractionation applications.

The growth of KPE has been truly remarkable since our beginning in 2004. KPE now pursues projects of increasing complexity in multiple industries. However, we remain true to our original platform of providing value-based EPC solutions for process plant projects at a competitive price.